White Gold Ring set with many diamondsMost people know that any gold jewelry can be sold off for its precious metal content value quite easily these days through a cash for gold dealer. A solid piece of gold jewelry can fetch a price well beyond its aesthetic appeal due to the precious metal content or its “melt” value.

One question we get asked fairly often is whether we can purchase jewelry that has gems, and how much we pay for them. While we can purchase any type of gold, whether it has gems or not, we can actually offer a higher price for jewelry with diamonds. For other gemstones we simply deduct their weight from the total weight of the item, and can often remove the gems if you are interested in keeping them. (Scroll past the video to read further)

Small diamonds have very little value on the market, so we simply include them in the gold weight, but for diamonds over 1/4 carat, we can set up an appointment with our GIA Certified Gemologist, Rachel, and make an offer on the diamond separately.

Here are some simple steps to get cash for gold on your jewelry with gems:

  1. Determine the type of gem; if it's a diamond, it can be added to the price of the item, if not it will be deducted from the weight.
  2. If you have a diamond we measure its size, if it's larger than 1/4 carat, we can set up an appointment in our Vancouver or Surrey office to have it evaluated by our gemologist.
  3. We determine the precious metal content by deducting the weight of the gem and multiplying by the current market price of gold.

It's as simple as that! Any gold or silver item can be sold through our stores, and if you're lucky enough to have jewelry with a nice sized diamond, then we can make you an offer on that too.

Please contact us to set up an appointment if you have a diamond, or simply stop by your nearest location for an on-the-spot no obligation quote.

Gregory Neilson

Works at Pollock Cameron Investments Corp - Canada Gold Lives in Vancouver, BC

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  1. hanne

    I don’t live in the area, can the items be mailed to you and send the price by email to me?

    1. Gregory Neilson

      Yes, absolutely. We offer a mail-in service free of charge. Click Here to fill out your information and we will mail you a secure insured mail pack and when you mail it back to us simply request that we email you the total price before sending you the cheque.

      Thanks for your interest!

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